Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Young Help Their Elders & Vice Versa

While Dad was here, he "house-sat" for friends who are away for the summer. But he could never get his cellphone to work as a "hotspot" at their place so that he could get onto the internet with his tablet. My sister Karen tried to help. No luck. My sister Joan tried. No luck. I had no idea what to try. 

In these instances, one always turns to the younger set. Here is Dad with Joan's daughter Jordan, age 14 (oh my goddess the years they are a-flying by), at Karen's place during the little family reunion we had last weekend. 

We hoped Jordan would be the one to figure it all out. I think she did, too! Some simple setting that we oldsters didn't adjust.

Dad and his granddaughter Jordan

Speaking of dishes (see below), my aunt and uncle popped in here around noon and caught me writing the following response to WWW's comment, and still in my housecoat. Reta immediately ran a sinkful of water and started washing, and I dried and put away dishes. Bless her wee heart'ie! The kitchen is now all shiny and bright and I may even feel like using it to cook something later today. A little help goes a long way. Oh, and an auntie is very much like a mom, isn't she? Except Mom would've asked me how in the hell I could stand to leave those dishes, while Aunt Reta kept those thoughts to herself. 

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Wisewebwoman has left a new comment on your post "Staycation Begins": 
One word: dishwasher. It makes life feel tidy and manageable. I hope to take next weekend off and join you in the livin' is easy stakes.

I guess I will have to do some agitating in that direction. We need to install a water treatment system and change the plumbing entirely before purchasing a dishwasher, otherwise it would be wrecked within six months and all our glass would be irrevocably stained. (Heavy iron and other minerals are the problem.) Scott needs to make up his mind which treatment system he wants, and then we have to be without water for several days. He also has to take days or a week off from his other two jobs: farming and construction, both of which are dependent upon weather conditions and other factors outside his control. This is the big hurdle — making that time for our house.
     At least getting the dishes done is not one of his stresses. Only mine, and if they didn't pile up daily and I was more organized and ambitious and houseproud, they wouldn't be. I've actually come to enjoy doing them — except when too many at once is daunting and I just go outside instead. 
   Otherwise it can be quite pleasant to stand there looking out at my flowers, with my hands in warm water. As it is I'll probably do these in short stints rather than one long haul so that it doesn't feel like drudgery. 

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