Tuesday, December 22, 2015


He's here!

He's not my brother, but he's sure as hell heavy.

A Million Little Things Make Life Grand

Have I really not posted this video before now? If I have: sorry. Longterm daily blogging means inevitably there will be repeats. However, this one is worthwhile either way.

Melissa, the gal singing lead here, is the daughter of a high school friend and is a really fine songwriter.

Farideh, the woman in blue, was among the group in a One Human Family choir workshop I participated in a few years ago in Saskatoon. It inspired her to form Rosie and the Riveters, who are destined for world domination. Farideh also is a strong songwriter, and so is Alexis Normand, the lady in gold. The fourth ... I can't say ... don't know ... but have no doubt she's got similar talents.

I'm just jealous I don't get to sing this kind of stuff with other people. How fun is it! Over the top fun, that's what!