Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some Cats

Dark areas are reeds, or cattails, in sloughs in the field in places there haven't been any in recent memory.
Some cats are aggressive. On the other farm there was a female calico that would attack the cows if they came into the stall where the cat was. She'd beat up the other cats on the place too. She wasn't well liked by the family for those reasons. She was crazy, was the verdict.

Here, we've a calico female, one of last year's batch, that I have seen act crazy like that.

And when I came from Shelly's I brought a female cat that needed a new home. She is blue-eyed and will broaden the gene pool around the place, which can't hurt, but ... she is crazy too. This morning she made Ducky Doodle cry, run away, and hide. When Jenna Doodle wandered to a sheltered corner of the house where she (Lacy) has been sleeping, she ran from me in order to chase the dog away, viciously. She did it a couple more times when the dog came into my vicinity. Poor dog isn't sure what to think! I told her to go ahead and bite the cat's ass if it pleases her. Damn cat has it coming. She attacked two adult cats because they horned in on her petting moments with me, and when I gently pushed her away from them with my shoe, she bit it.

She is starving for attention and affection, and I'm happy to give it to her, but not exclusively! Crazy cat.

One of our neighbours used to have a garage cat that would attack visitors' legs and claw them up. Eventually one of them visited with a rifle and put a stop to that bullshit. This morning this particular visitor and his gun crossed my mind, particularly since Lacy also wraps herself so aggressively around your feet as you walk that you can't move without tripping or stepping on her — and then she gets mad and bites you.

Many's the time I've been glad there is no rifle about the place, as I have had the implacable urge to put a stop to an animal's pain-in-the-ass-ness and if there was an instrument handy ... I might have done it. And then regretted it bigtime.

Now you are getting a glimpse of my no-nonsense nature. Part of my nature, I should say. Other parts can be pushed right over. I think.