Thursday, November 19, 2015

Winter has Arrived

The big, warm (but not heavy!) parka came out yesterday, and beautifully warm it was, too, in spite of the nasty wind and snow. I was going to take my ski pants to Kathy Price on Main St. for sewing repair but the wind was so mean I couldn’t make myself go outside till it was time to quit for the day.

Then, coming home, it was so icy in town that I nearly went off the road at least once. Even driving like a little old lady (not that speedy one from "past Wadena") didn't save me.

The quilt I started with Mom's help in 2004.
Last night the wind howled so fiercely that several times I was worried the roof might blow off. Ducky was worked up. His little toenails were clip-clippitting over the floor much of the night as he paced.

It’s the same this morning. This feels like winter.

From my back step