Friday, July 22, 2016

When 'Poor' Women Hire Housekeepers

"You charge what?" was my first response. "Shoot. That's too high."

I had found someone who does housecleaning, but paying her for an hour's toil meant I would have to work nearly two hours at my desk, myself. I resigned myself to continuing to live with unwashed floors and a bathroom that is not deep-cleaned regularly. 

With more time to think about it, I admitted I'd rather work two hours reading and writing than one hour cleaning the bathroom or washing the floor. More than that, if I hire someone else to do it, then it will get done. When it's left up to me to do, it doesn't — period. I don't think about it, and when I do, I soon forget about it. 

And instead of having her come out every two weeks, I can have her whiz through the place once a month. In between, I can spot-wipe, and that's good enough for me.  I'll hand over 50 bucks quite happily, and I remember how good that feels. 

This setup does raise eyebrows. Women who are not wealthy are considered spoiled brats if they don't do their own housework. Suit yourself if you think that way. It's my money, I earn it, and I'll spoil myself rotten with it if I choose to. And I choose to. 

Housekeeping is the luxury I've decided to spend my "walking money" on. I think I've mentioned that I pay myself $1 for each mile. Having something to spend the $ on will motivate me to keep walking and to get out there more often, which is the best thing for my health. 

Are there more essential items that I could spend that $50/month on? You bet. The Naturalizer sandals of Mom's that I inherited after she passed away are falling apart after 11 years. I need to replace them and won't buy cheap shoes anymore, so will need to come up with 100 bucks or more. (Thanks to that important lesson, Mom, I have happy feet.) I'd like to purchase more RRSPs this winter, thereby saving more income tax dollars than last year, so need to come up with extra cash. I could contribute to the paying of other bills around here, or put more money away than I already do for some future holiday or the next vehicle I need. There is always another place one can earmark money for. 

I, however, am earmarking $50 a month for something that gives me quite a lot of relief: a cleaning job that I don't have to do myself.

Uncle Neil, left, and brother-in-law Dick at the Benson clan mini-reunion

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Lorna has left a new comment on your post "Taking Care of Business": 
personally, I'm thrilled that you share and reply. As for the safety element in your burger date the other day, I really admire people who take action. Of course, I probably wouldn't have thought of it myself 

Like you, Lorna, I wouldn't have thought of it either. It's one of Scott's admirable qualities —his consideration for others in ways that wouldn't cross my mind.
Since you like this method of replying to comments, I'll keep it up. Thanks for letting me know. 

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