Friday, June 12, 2015

Palm Bay all the way!

These things are dangerous:

They go down WAY too fast.


On the War Path

Out of the office by five o'clock on production day. Woo hoo!
Home, and Scott is working on the cupboards. Woo hoo!

The ants, which apparently had a little nest under the kitchen cupboard, discovered my ant annihilator: Borax and sugar. It takes a day or two, but once they've filled up on this concoction and taken it back to their nest, it's usually the last you see of them. I asked Scott how many were still alive when he ripped the cupboard apart. Just a few, he said.

They are gone and so is this cupboard.

Unfortunately some tiny red ants in the pots on my deck are doing all too well. My attempts at poisoning them without poisoning anything else haven't worked. The cornmeal sprinkled on top of the soil hasn't done the trick either. I like to think these methods decimated their numbers, and maybe it's true, but there's a ways to go.

What next? Do they make an Uzi for this?
Keep in mind this is an organic farm. No fooling around; no Roundup or chemical spray.