Monday, November 24, 2014

Birthday Ritual

Never let it be said that we never have any fun at the WADENA NEWS office.

One of my co-workers celebrated a milestone birthday last week, and a favourite customer came in as we were sipping coffee and eating cake. He hopped up onto a table to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.

Terry, bless his heart.


We had friends over for supper last night. After they left, we threw the leftovers together in the casserole dish that held the meatballs; that will be supper tonight. There were even two slices of rum & eggnog cheesecake left on the table; perfect for dessert this evening.

Of course, these were my plans. Scott is an eating machine—hungry for life! I like to think— and if I didn't give him the heads-up, that casserole dish would have been half empty when I got out of bed this morning.