Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Crack That Whip

Whoa! A week has gone by without my posting here? How on earth — ?
Apparently I've been super busy, or there is nothing to tell, or my life is far too exciting and dramatic to tell tales on myself!
Yeah, that's it. Pick one. Any one will do.
Last weekend, the snow was disappearing.
It's been snowing heavily all day and looks like winter out there, again.
And the day has flown by! I'm still not at the bottom of the stack of dishes.
But I did make two dozen cake doughnuts this afternoon. That's more important.
I have my priorities straight.

We have ordered new kitchen cupboards.
Now, if they don't sit out in a shed in the yard for the next two summers like our house siding has done, I will be a happy camper. We shall see.
I'm the kind of camper who doesn't actually care all that much about kitchen cupboards or house siding ... for a while. Eventually I start wondering if maybe I should do some pushing, some motivating, some something. Then I forget about that, too.
Pffft. I might have a whip, somewhere, but I've no idea how to crack it.