Saturday, May 11, 2013

Show Some Respect

Brrrr ... Scott says the weather report claims it's 7C below, out there. I believe it. It was 67F in the house when I got up at 6:30. 

I told you I've decided to become an early riser, right? Me, the heavy-sleeping night owl. I've been setting my radio alarm to come on 15 minutes earlier at the beginning of each month. So I'm getting there slowly, but surely. The secret is to get ready for bed between 8 and 9, complete with flossing and brushing, and then don't read till midnight. I haven't quite mastered that last part, but just being in bed well before midnight seems to make a difference. Guess the body has simply had enough of it by the time the alarm goes. I never jump up the moment the radio comes on, but even with some dozing before I make the leap out of my warm bed, I'm still starting my day well ahead of the hour when I used to. Thus does one pat oneself on the back for being so noble. Hee!

On weekend mornings there is a Saskatchewan CBC radio program that starts at 6 (I think), hosted by Dan Reynish. I sometimes get a real kick out of him and this morning it finally dawned on me why that is. Yes, he's goofy, and I'm partial to goofyness, but also it's because he's forthcoming with what he gets excited about. Eventually you get to feeling as if you know this fellow, or maybe hung out with him when you were a teenager. He should be a blogger. He'd write the kind of blog I'd like to read.

Speaking of blogs, Bev has made her second entry regarding her bout in the ring with breast cancer. Check it out by CLICKING HERE and leave her a comment for encouragement, if you will. Many of her friends are calling her, saying "But not having surgery and chemo, Bev ... are you sure you know what you're doing?" as if she hasn't considered every possible outcome, already, herself. Sheesh, what do they think has been on her mind ever since the moment she was diagnosed?

They are worried that she's made the wrong decision, of course. But now that she's made it, she doesn't need this kind of input; it drags her down. I suppose there is still time for her to change her mind, and that's what her friends are hoping their comments may lead to. They have more faith in the conventional treatments. Don't ask me why. What is their percentage of success? Certainly there are many successes. But there are also many failures. It seems a real crapshoot, to me, and then as Bev says, after you suffer through butchery and chemo and if you survive the cancer, how do you know it won't reappear somewhere else down the line? You always have this fearful sword hanging over your head. 

She figures by revamping her eating habits she can not only survive this, but live long and well without concern about a reoccurrence. We shall see. But she has made her decision, and she is the one who will live or die by it, so people: Say your piece once, and then shut up and respect her decision. 

Bev won't be eating crap like this very often in future:

Here it is: $250 worth of "crack" all ready for the street ...