Monday, April 30, 2012

Retired workhorses— granary and grain truck

Yesterday was pretty much a write-off, though I did manage to sit here for one hour and work. The rest of the day and all of the night were spent wondering what in the hell it is I do to bring this upon myself. In hopes of relieving the pressure on my neck I semi-reclined on the couch for part of the night. There was no real sleep to be had, but I dreamed anyway.  The mind is an entertaining beast when you're awake enough to observe what it gets up to. Quite inventive!

After sleeping most of the morning I am caught up on the hours missed last night and now feel almost normal. My fingers are crossed that it remains so for the rest of the day. That deadline still needs to be met, and I've got to prepare for a week away from home: do laundry, pack, and so on.

Sure hope this kind of migraine thingy doesn't spring itself upon me while en route to Toronto during the three-hour plane ride, or when I'm there working over several days.