Monday, October 18, 2010

I Like Mondays Just Fine

Red Rose tea with last fall's rosehips

     Midafternoon tea. Ahhhh... make a habit of it, if you don't already.
     Another sunny day but cool. Frost has finally gotten all the sunflowers that volunteered themselves beneath the oak trees, due to the bird feeder.
    Scott and I are getting closer to making a travel plan. It's almost impossible for him to get away, but I’m putting the screws to him  – I have to know one way or another so I can organize myself for the big trek out west. Fall is the time to visit Kelowna (if you don't like excessive heat, heavy traffic, or snowy mountain roads), so we need to get a move on.
    Last night in bed I read for a while and then put out the light and laid my head on my pillow with the moonlight streaming through the window, onto my face. So peaceful and lovely. I don’t know what thought got me started, or even if there was one (must have been), but I had an intensely sorrowful though brief cry because Mom is gone.
   This is relatively rare and always surprises me, because I haven't seen Mom for FIVE YEARS. I've been expecting to feel the pain of her death only on a more shallow level as the time goes by. But while time may heal the pain of loss in some ways, occasionally it doesn't seem to make a damn bit of difference.