Friday, February 4, 2011

My Little Buddy

Nothing on the tube; everything worth looking at is outside the window

When Ducky the deer-faced chihuahua came to stay with us, I went online and did some research. I learned that chihuahuas choose a primary ally and then perceive everyone else with suspicion.
This is not technically true with Ducky, though I see traces of it once in a while. He has growled at Scott several times when he approached us, but that hasn't happened for a long time. 
Wherever I am, there is Ducky, even if I get up from the desk and go down the hall to the bathroom.
Occasionally he will abandon me to sit on someone else's knee, but not usually if mine is available. And at the end of the night he'll leave his crate in the closet at the foot of my bed, where he has been lying while I read, to scamper downstairs with Everett and snuggle in under his covers.
Since I've been sitting down with a cup of tea for a few minutes each afternoon, Ducky now comes and reminds me if I forget or try to skip the "quiet time." He figures he's due some lap time, or maybe he's just doing me a favour. It's a good thing, whatever his reasoning.

Yes, in the photo I am wearing a wool scarf indoors. Years ago my mom's aunt, Aunt Jean, advised that to prevent a migraine I should try putting on a scarf and tuque. Above, I have removed the tuque because it was just too hot in the house to wear it. I've also had to unwind the scarf. And I think I've taken a pill, as the tuque/scarf combo hadn't done the trick.

To explain what my migraines are like, I've used the term "neck" migraines. I'm thinking of changing that to "neck nausea." Imagine how your belly feels when you need to throw up. Now imagine the back or one side of your neck feels like puking. Can you?

On the weekend I hung a curtain rod in the bedroom; got tired of waiting for Scott to do it, which I only did because I figured he was experienced and would do a better job than me. Next: to hang rods here in the office and in the upstairs bedroom. I'm waiting to be sure the first rod doesn't fall down, first. The curtains are on a chair at the other end of the couch from hell, with its uncleanable microfibre.