Wednesday, July 20, 2016

First Vacation Day

Again with the incredible skies and storms blowing by, last night. When I went out this morning I was surprised to see that no damage was done. A scented geranium Sandy gave me had tipped over (I'm repotting it tonight and there will be no more tippage) and so had a lawn chair on the step, which hurt absolutely nothing. In the garden, a few tall perennials are leaning a little, but overall things are looking pretty good. We didn't get hail or strong winds, just a gorgeous sunset and a too-warm breeze that worried us a little when it was at nine o'clock in the evening and the sky looked like it did.

I took my clippers out to the large perennial bed today and took off the columbines that have finished blooming, and the last of the painted daisies. I snipped the wild yarrow for Carla's tea, and the spearmint for mine. There was the odd flower that was bent out of sight behind others, so I brought them in and stuck them in a vase. Hate to see them go to waste where I don't see them. 

Normally I'd be in the office on Wednesday morning, so this is actually the real beginning of my two-week holiday. And a perfect day it is. Skirt-wearing weather; lunching with Everett; taking a drive with Bev to Margo; dropping in on Karen and expect to see other rellies. All good! Best get going.

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Maggie Turner has left a new comment on your post "Grizzly Claw": 
Kate, your approach to buying local is much like ours, but our budget more more modest, so Kicking Horse coffee isn't something we can afford as Attila drinks copious amounts of coffee. If the price of the cheap unethical coffee goes up, we will be gathering chicory from the fields and creating our own beverage. We have tried it though, and love it. When I worked in a store that catered to affluent people it was the coffee they sold. I cleaned the coffee machine, so I got to save the bits of grounds left in the machine after every grind, and it added up to a bag almost every day, it was grand coffee to be sure. 

I'm glad to hear you agree about the taste of the coffee, as I wondered if I might be imagining it. Scott is fussier than me; we've tried all of KH's dark roasts, but he only likes the Grizzly Claw.
Our cash flow is modest too, but we have no credit card debt or payments like mortgages and vehicles, so that frees us up some. We don't take tropical holidays, go shopping for something to do, or in my case even buy books! -- so there is some wiggle room when it comes to things that are important to us. However, when I reverted to cash-only spending a couple months ago, I very nearly purchased some non-organic, unfair trade coffee during the weeks it took me to adjust. People do what they have to do. 

Lorna has left a new comment on your post "Grizzly Claw": 
Thank goodness being true to oneself has some reward. 

We can't always afford to live up to our convictions. But we do what we can. 

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