Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Everett Was Our Popcorn Man

After Everett moved out to go to NAIT, popcorn-making had to be negotiated. Scott thought I should do it. I figured if I held out long enough, he would. Heh. No. I explained what is daunting  enough to stop me from making popcorn of an evening. I suggested a division of duties that would be encouraging. I measure the oil and popcorn into the popper and plug it into the wall. Scott melts the butter and doctors up the popcorn. Works like a darn. Bet we eat popcorn at least twice a week. If I was the only one making it, once a month would be the most.

•••••   •••••

On the 25th, Emil is going to Disneyland with a group from his work.

Emil: "I'm really excited. I'm sure I'll have a good time."
Me: Yes you will. Absolutely.
Emil: "I'm sure I'll have a blast there."
Me: Yeah.
Emil: "Mom. What is a blast?"

I sat in the truck for a few minutes this morning waiting for Scott to come out of the service station in town.