Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cold Fingers

Perhaps the last photos taken with the camera we bought for ourselves for Christmas 2002.

Yesterday on the phone:
"Where are you?"
"At the mall."
"Just met up with C and J and the baby; had coffee with F; thought I'd look for something for you."
"Me? Oh, you want ideas. I always like a new CD."
"I was looking at digital cameras."
Alpha Dog (pfft) described two—a larger camera with a fancy lens, and a smaller one, half the size of a cigarette package. You may shake your head at me, but I preferred the little one (unless I could have both, but that would be greedy!). I won't carry a big beauty with me on walks or in my purse, and that's that for that. Better pictures, or fewer pictures: no contest. Backwards as that is.

Carl, your fresh flowers (roses) got to O.Z. one afternoon this week. It was well worth my while to play delivery girl, because on top of the customary hot beverage I was offered, Lily had been making cabbage rolls when I phoned. Guess what we had for supper that night (the frying onions were to go with the perogies)(note to self, phone Mary to order more)(I chopped up two-and-a-half onions; do we like onions much around here?)

Emil and I had planned to go to town for a garage sale and the Mother's Day farmers' market today, but it's frigid out there; the garage sale has probably been cancelled and there's nothing I really need at the market, so that plan isn't so appealing anymore.

Everett was thinking ahead when he took shortening out of the fridge last night to soften up for his cookie-manufacturing efforts this morning; he's out there right now, still in his housecoat, mixing up dough and listening to Quirks and Quarks on the radio.

My fingers are cold.


Everett just brought me a wooden spoon full of cookie dough.
Now Emil's just come into the office to kiss my cheek.
It's Mother's Day every day around here.