Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tree Stump Fairy House

Sheila is making a fairy garden.

Here's an idea I like and may implement somewhere, someday ...

If you do it, Sheila, let me know!

If I ever see a fairy, I'll certainly report it here on my blog.


As Dad would say:
"Kathy, you know what they say about people who (see ghosts, talk to themselves, whatever) ... ."

This, That and T'Other Thing

We went to a wiener roast on Sunday afternoon with Faye and Rick's family. Their daughter and her hubby were there with their twin girls, four months old. Their great-aunt had given them these dandy bottle-holders, which worked like the dickens:

The girlysues with their "boppy pillows."
And now ... it's back to work for me, for the next three days.
I've got the slowcooker ready to be plugged in, making a meatloaf for supper tonight.
The arborite has arrived, so I have to get the lower cabinets emptied. Not this morning, though; I hoped to be at the office already, and still have to bath and dress and wash the dishes before leaving.

Arborite waiting patiently in guest room.
One day last week, Everett and I went out for a meal together. He always has the same thing: a grilled cheese sandwich and french fries. He opens the sandwich and carefully lines up the fries on the cheese before replacing the top slice of bread.

My iPhone battery had been draining quickly and he tried to figure out why, since no one else could.
I had taken the phone to the place where it was purchased, and a clerk there turned off every app she could think of that might suddenly have started draining the battery. Why? I don't use any of the apps and there had been no problem till now. Thanks to Everett, we figured out that I had set the Display to always be on, and that was the culprit. Not that I had set the display like this on purpose! Simply that I hadn't known what I was doing.