Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pirate's Patch (Not Really, but Maybe I Should Have One)

Have you ever had a blood vessel burst in your eye?
I put in an eleven-and-a-half-hour day at work on Friday, then went to pick up Emil and was asked
"What happened to your eye?"

Why, nothing -- as it happens.
But it's nice and red anyway.
Could it be simply from a long day of constant reading?

Or is it just one of those weird things that happens to people who are over 50, and there is no obvious reason for it and it's not too important? Having been by-and-large healthy my whole life, I tend to wonder what's up when any little out-of-the-ordinary thing occurs.

For instance, on Thursday night when getting ready for bed I noticed a lumpy purple bruise on my left thigh and wondered what the hell caused it. I don't remember whacking my leg that hard on anything, though there is a vague memory that I did hit it on something and then just carried on my merry way, as you do.

Oh well. The body's a wonderland, all right.

Dad came over for supper on Tuesday. (DW friends, note the Katherine-made potholders from Moab.)
And Scott's mom Pat came for supper too. Sorry this is a crappy pic of you, Pat.
I think I might dye those curtains a wine colour. Scarlet, that is. Not the white that I have been drinking because it has the least amount of sulphites in it.

Dad went to the farmers market in Wadena this morning for a visit with his aunt, who has a baking and produce table there (it is rushed as soon as customers are let in the door ). He picked up my order, one of Aunt Marj's apple pies, and stopped at the liquor board store for a bottle of wine since I didn't make it there yesterday, then came out to see Emil, who is here this weekend.

After lunch I walked him out to his car and he offered me a piece of the lefse he'd purchased from Marj. Now that's family feeling -- to share your lefse -- it's such a treat for us. I told him not to bother, that we'll take a drive over to the place he's housesitting till August, and he can give me a piece of it then. If it lasts that long. I'd better go tomorrow.

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Ralph Goff on "Tale of Two Gardens": 
All I have time for here is vegetables . Although I can appreciate the flowers in other people's gardens. And the wild ones of course. 

Vegetable gardens are time-consuming tyrants! Which is one reason why I don't really want to have one that is my responsibility. I'll help Scott some, but basically it's his baby.

Each year I plan on doing a garden, but never do. Last time we did the rabbits and the gophers quite enjoyed themselves. Nothing better then home grown veggies. Enjoy. 

Now that we don't have a dog outside, I imagine the deer and rabbits may decimate our gardens. It will break my wee heart'ie.

As I think I may have told you, I have a 7 inch pot of pansies. and I love vegetables, so I think you can count me in. 

Pansies are the best! And you can eat them, can't you? or is that just nasturtiums?