Sunday, October 23, 2016

Down One Cat

I didn’t want to go to the barn again the next day for fear of finding KitKat dead out there. He had let me walk right up to him for the first time since he was brought here this summer. Usually he'd swiftly disappear whenever he heard or saw anyone. 

The lady who lived here before us said that skittish barn cats get friendly when the weather turns cold, and it’s true, but I was pretty sure something was wrong with KitKat. As I stroked his orange fur and talked to him, I wondered if he’d been injured, and was relieved when he got up and took a step closer so he could curl up right next to me. He looked fine but it took quite a bit of petting before he purred. 

He showed no interest in the fried egg I was delivering. I left it nearby and covered him with a blanket. That night I lay in bed worrying that I should have done something more for him, that maybe he was seriously ill and not just a little under the weather.   

It was foggy last night and again all day today, but not windy; perfect for a three-mile walk this afternoon.

The next day Scott came in and told me the cat was laying dead under the stairs leading to the loft.

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Wisewebwoman has left a new comment on your post "Walking & Chewing Gum? No!": 
I miss the piano and singing - and I had some fun with a musical I wrote and directed. Gee I really miss the piano, don't have one now and I always did. Mainly for my own the video. He's great!

Isn't he!
I do have a piano, which Scott would like me to move out of the living room because the room's too crowded and I never play it. Until I do, and then it's worth the wait (to me).

Joan McEwan has left a new comment on your post "Walking & Chewing Gum? No!": 
I ve been playing and singing with my neighbour, Mark, for a few months now. We practise every week if we can and it IS fun! He played guitar and piano and is very good musically..... A good way for me to get practising and force myself to do something a little out of my comfort zone..... 

A regular play date is the best practice motivation there is.

reta has left a new comment on your post "Food's the Thing": 
going to try to send response,did you never look at all the bartly men?they all had that round bald what age it started I don't no,maybe bev would.also mom could not that hereditary? 

I never noticed the Bartley men's hair (or lack of it), no!
I've read that anosmia can be hereditary.