Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scott-heavy Entry

Rick and Scott. Everett added the cartoon captions.

Scott's birthday.
check ~ (text "Love me like there's no tomorrow ... because tomorrow you might do something that really pisses me off.")
1) wallet ~ ("Will this," he says, grinning, holding up his bulging old wallet in one hand and the new one in the other, "fit into this?")
2) gauch ~ "How big do you think I am?" (I bought Large when apparently they should be Medium. I think everything shrinks.)
3) two packs of Fisherman's Friend lozenges ~ ("Did you know I still have a bunch of these at the other house?" I throw some in with every gift; guess he's set for the rest of the year.)
And the poor lad isn't even getting a cake. We're still working on a pan of brownies Everett made the other day, and the birthday boy isn't feeling so good and hasn't made his request.

Let's see, can I get away with posting this one of Scott and his cousin Perry on their way to work?


Bagels are in the oven, smelling divine. It's great, having Everett home. Too bad he can't stay forever. What's the cutoff date, again?

He and I are off to Humboldt tomorrow, where he will spend the day with a career counselor, trying to figure out what direction to go in now that he's through high school. I hope to spend some time with my friend Joanne, do a little shopping, and maybe wander through the town’s excellent museum. After all, I’ll have the whole day to fill and, as I have no laptop, can't take my work with me.
And Humboldt has a Nutters' store, which means I should be able to buy some fresh organic whole wheat flour and bags of sunflower and sesame seeds and peanuts and raisins and coconut and oatmeal and other things we'll absolutely need the moment I spot them. I usually come out of there with about $200 worth of foodstuff. Healthy foodstuff.


To those on my notify list: the mention on the Words of Wisdom blog is next Friday, not tomorrow. Oops. Meanwhile, if you'd care to visit their site, click here.