Monday, February 15, 2016

Nothing Fancy

Valentine's Day was sunny and warm, so we thought we'd zip up to the Hendon Hotel for a beer and see what the new owners are doing with the place. Fortunately they'd advertised in the local paper so there was a phone # to call in order to find out whether the pub was open on a Sunday afternoon. It wasn't but as it turned out we came right by there on our way home anyway, so it wouldn't have been a wasted trip had we gone without calling first.

What should we do then? Scott thought it would be nice to pick up some ice cream and take it over to Everett's for the boys, so we did that and visited with them for a few minutes. Everett was finishing up his dishes and planning to bake chocolate cupcakes. Emil had been watching movies all day but graciously paused his film about the Sneetches while we were there.

We stopped at the office so I could pick up a library book I'd left on my desk; it was time to return a stack of them, most unread. No time, no time! Alison was there, working away. A quick chat and I was on my way back to Scott and the truck. We gassed up and headed out for a drive through the countryside, the trees glittering with hoarfrost.

Home again, Scott prepared steak and I prepared potatoes and carrots, and while they cooked, we read through the papers we'd picked up in town. The WADENA NEWS had been delivered to the office on Saturday morning so I'd grabbed a copy, and Scott had gathered the district freebies that are distributed in boxes in front of the library.