Thursday, May 29, 2014

Uff Da Lemongrass Lotion

I was transplanting zinnias into the perennial bed last night when a bee stuck its stinger into my forearm for no good reason. I feel betrayed! Ungrateful little beast. I pulled the stinger out right away and made baking soda paste to apply to the spot, which took the pain away immediately, but this morning it is itchy. More baking soda will be required I guess.

However, while Scott has found ticks on himself and has been pulling them off both dogs in vast numbers, I have yet to see one on me. Knock on wood. Normally by now I'm feeling them on my neck or in my hair. I wonder if my saving grace is slathering up with this lemongrass lotion purchased from the lady in Norquay who makes her own lotions and soaps. I smell like a lemon, and don’t mind one bit. And I love using a product that isn't full of unpronounceable chemicals and synthetic scents, and is made by someone right here in Saskatchewan. It has to be kept in the fridge because it isn't laced with preservatives, and it wouldn't surprise me one day to hear that someone has spread it on his toast.

The power went out last night and then a huge thunderstorm blew up. Ducky was freaked out but I wasn’t having him – Tickbait, as Scott calls him — on the bed, which is what he was asking for. The house wrap was blowing loose, making so much noise outside my window that I couldn’t hear any thunder. The storm blew down a tree in Scott's mom and dad's yard, he says.

Goodness, where has the time gone! I'd better get to the office.