Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some of My Outlaws

Scott's "little" brother Bruce on his birthday

Dad sent me a photo that made me exclaim "Oh dear!" when I saw it. He's had a procedure done beneath his eyes that makes him look like one of the guys from Kiss, or maybe like a demon. Unfortunately he won't let me post it to my blog. I tried. I said "But your friends would like to see it!"
Alas, he prefers not.

When we were over at the inlaws' for Bruce's birthday cake, I managed to get a nice shot of Scott with his parents, but he doesn't want me to post that here either. I said, "But there are people who would like to see it! What about your cousin Alex over in England?"

Sorry Alex, no can do. What I think I can get away with is posting the pics of Bruce and his parents ... because I am not aware that they read this blog, and I don't think they'd mind anyway. Unlike some of these shy people.

Pat and Ivan