Wednesday, July 1, 2015

For Your Listening Pleasure

Here. Have some Saskatchewan music:

This is Belle Plaine (Melanie Hankewich). She grew up at tiny Fosston, which is just north of Wadena.

Here's another up-and-comer:

A voice and style that made me sit up and take notice; my ears are smitten:

And here is one of my favourite singers, a class act:

The first time I heard Alexis, I was in bed listening to the radio. I jumped up to reach for a pen and write down her name, so I wouldn't forget it.
Months later the quartette Rosie and the Riveters played a house concert in Wadena, and after the show Alexis was sitting at our table in the church basement. It wasn't till I saw her name written on something that I realized it was she of the accomplished vocals I had so admired.

Then there is Rosie & the Riveters, going great guns; I'd trade a boob for the opportunity to be singing like this with others. Instead I pop in their CD and warble along, alone in my house; even that is immensely satisfying when the songs are good ones:

This is an original song written by Farideh, on the far left, who has been writing really fine stuff. And next to her is a little gal whose mother grew up at Wadena; Melissa is also an excellent songwriter.

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