Friday, December 28, 2012

Santa Brought the Flu

Still covered with hoarfrost

Quite often I gleefully agree with Mr Rick Mercer when he rants on his TV show. But this time, no. He was saying that those who refuse to get flu shots are being selfish, inconsiderate and foolish because, although they may not believe they need the shot themselves, there are many others who don't survive it and those who haven't had the shot may be passing the flu virus on to them.

These people who feel they are at risk from the flu: have they not got their flu shot? You would think it is their responsibility to do so.

And if they have gotten their flu shot because they believe it works so well, what have they got to fear from people who haven't had the shot? Do they not feel they are protected? And if they don't believe that, what is the point of getting the shot?

Around here, we got the flu for Christmas. Thanks so much, Santa. Gunnar arrived with it on Christmas day, Scott came down with it on Boxing Day, and I spent yesterday aching, fevered and unable to eat much. Which means that I also got a migraine. Double whammy! However I'm back on my feet today, a little weak and slow but a far sight better.

Until I got a flu shot at Mom's request in 2004, when she had cancer and was afraid we might pass the flu on to her in her weakened state, I hadn't had a flu for 30 years. Three days after the shot, I got the flu and was down for a couple days, and the following year I got it too. I haven't had a flu since then -- till this week.

Being sick is depressing. It makes me think about people with chronic or longterm illness, and wonder how on earth they do it. It's not possible to avoid fear or to keep one's spirits up (is it?). All I want to do is bow out till I'm feeling better.