Sunday, April 8, 2012

No Sunrise Breakfast Around Here

Are pancakes the order of the day for Easter breakfasts? I had forgotten that until reading Joanne's entry just now. But apparently my subconscious remembered, because guess what I made this morning?

Sucre à Crème, or Caramel Sauce

Simple and quick to make, this sauce popular in Canada’s francophone provinces is delicious on ice cream and pancakes or poured over a piece of chocolate cake that hasn’t been iced.

1 c cream
1 c brown sugar
dash salt

Bring to boil over medium heat. Boil two or three minutes. Remove from heat.
Cool. Add

1 tsp vanilla
1 drop mapeline (or any maple flavouring).


Of course, I had to make pancakes to go with it.

Ms Virginia Woolf went about making breakfast in quite another way:

I caused some slight argument (with L.) this morning by trying to cook my breakfast in bed. I believe, however, that the good sense of the proceeding will make it prevail; that is, if I can dispose of the eggshells.