Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Wild and Crazy Friday Night

Apparently when you try to get potato chips out of your teeth with your tongue, your face contorts and gets stuck that way.

Poor laddie. That looks painful. Don't let this happen to you!


Everett brought Xander home with him after school and aside from coming upstairs to gobble up pancakes for supper, I didn't see them till Xander's ride came to take him home. They played on the Xbox in Everett's basement room and I worked at my desk up here. Work, work, work, is that all I ever do? Yeah, that's me. Workity work work. Pffft and piffle.

After Xander left, Everett prepared a soft little corner nook on the bed in his "cave" for me so I could watch a movie with him, in comfort. With a blanket over my knees and a brown cow in my hand. This is the way to spend a Friday night, I say. But what would we watch? It was my choice, he said. Star Trek, said I? Well no, he'd just watched that one. Up, said I? Okay! said he.

Pretty cute. I liked the first 15 minutes best, but I was in tears (god, what a wuss) by the time that part was over. The rest was sweet too; great film for kids, young and old.