Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hungry Birds

"I heard tapping on the window this morning," he told us on Saturday night, when Faye and Rick were over for drinks, "and it was a chickadee sitting there, pecking at the glass. It was as if it was telling me the feeder was empty and would I come out and fill it."

They'll do this, chickadees.

I'd filled the feeders Thursday before leaving for work, and as usual the chickadees and their little friends the woodpeckers and redpolls would have emptied them during the day. It was dark when I came home Friday after spending the night before at Everett's, and apparently by the next morning the birds were getting impatient.

Today I spotted Scott holding seed in his hands and chickadees landing there to take a seed and fly off.

Click to enlarge and see Scott's happy grin.