Friday, August 2, 2013

New Routine

Prepping BC strawberries to freeze for smoothies
Two days down and I'm back up again. Still not full of piss 'n' vinegar but not feeling like crap either. Whew! Glad that's over. Managed to make a delicious Mexican soup for supper, do some laundry, some weeding, and go to town for groceries (and Emil) and to buy out the BC fruit truck. I've yet to get out for my walk this evening, and try to put an hour in on my uncle's manuscript, but it will be an early night because ding!ding!ding! never drink a cup of darjeeling tea from India after supper, Kathy! I laid awake till 5 this morning. Shoulda known better.

We had company last night, Scott's cousin John and his wife Helen (see her blog, Pengelly Pastimes) with their youngest son Ryan and our niece Rebecca from down the road here. I am hoping they didn't catch my cold, or Scott's ... he was suffering from it last night and this morning but went out early to a cement-pour anyway. I thought for sure he'd be home and back in bed by noon, but it's 7 o'clock now and I haven't seen hide nor hair of him. I don't know how that man keeps going.

Helen recently had a surgery and a cancer scare, and we talked about how that alters your perception of the time you have left and how you want to spend it. I thought about that some as I lay abed wide awake afterward; that and many other things. One of them was about the way time seems to be flying past so quickly and I seem to never be on top of things around here to the degree I would like to be. It's not that I'm fussy about the house or anything, compared to others, but after being down for the count for two days and then having a fairly restful day yesterday, and even with Everett's help with dishes after I made some supper for my sick farmerboy last night, every surface in the kitchen and living room was still covered when they arrived and I couldn't help asking myself, Why is that? Where does the time go?

I decided too much of it is spent at this computer and from now on I'm not even going to check my email till after supper. So this has been Day One of the new routine. Wish me luck. I'm terrible at sticking to routines. Aside from my morning cup of coffee, that is. That's an easy one.