Sunday, June 15, 2014

Virtual Supper

There are a lot of dead, bare trees around here, due to the flooding in recent years. 
My dad is in Kelowna and I am here, so ... I texted him a couple times, talked to him on the phone twice this afternoon. We are having a virtual supper date; I’m buying. He’s having pork chops with french fries; I’m ordering greek ribs, and a bottle of wine to share.

He will be driving out here via a meandering route, making stops to visit friends along the way, so we can expect to see him in a week or so.

As for Scott's dad, he is being visited in the longterm-care lodge in Kelvington, where he was moved to on Friday. He was diagnosed with dementia a year or two ago and Scott's mom has had the 24-hr-a-day job of caring for him, which includes regular meals and medication for insulin-dependent diabetes.

This takes the heavy responsibility off her shoulders, which is a relief, but it is also a sad day when your loved one goes to live in an institution. Even one so close as this one, where Scott's sister Tanya works and will see their dad practically every day. We hope that the routine at the lodge will do Ivan good and that he will enjoy the social aspect of always having lots of other people around to talk with.