Monday, July 18, 2016

Grizzly Claw

We are big believers in supporting local businesses and "buying local" but like most regular folk, we need to take advantage of substantial savings when we can. We also believe that purchasing organic, Fair Trade products is the right thing to do, and so we do it whenever possible (which it rarely is, out here; product variety is limited). It's quite a bit more expensive, but when it's a product we're consuming every day — as coffee is — then for our health, it's worth it. Coming from generations of farm families ourselves, it also matters to us that farmers are paid a fair price for their product; thus we look for the Fair Trade logo. 

A pound of Kicking Horse coffee beans is priced at $15.99 on the shelf in the local store, alongside rows of coffee that is half the price or less. We buy the Fair Trade organic anyway for the reasons listed above but also because it truly is fabulous coffee and, once accustomed to it, the other stuff tastes like coloured water in comparison. 

For some years Kicking Horse coffee could be purchased directly from the company out in Invermere, B.C., at considerable savings, so I had been taking advantage of the opportunity to save a few dollars by ordering 2.2lb bags. (Did I feel guilty for not buying from the local store? Yes. But in my defence, the markup at the local store is ridiculous.)

Recently the coffee company transferred its mail order business to Amazon, whose prices meant that purchasing the coffee at our local store wasn't that much more expensive, so I decided to just do that. (Yay! No more guilt!)

When Amazon requested feedback on their website, I gave it to them: Your pricing policy doesn't suit me, I said, plus you aren't selling the larger bag of beans that is a little cheaper. Then I contacted Kicking Horse coffee to let them know that the lack of my favourite product in the 2.2 lb. bag was disappointing. And voila! The prompt reply was that they would gladly ship me the larger bag of Grizzly Claw themselves, as they have been doing for several years. 

Now that is customer service.

Our favourite coffee:

After putting in my order by phone, I mentioned that several of my relatives work at the company. The woman I was speaking to to not only knows them, but knows them so well that their parents and her parents were family friends from way back, and one of their daughters is a close friend of one of her daughters ... and more. We could easily have chatted all day about who she knows and how. I love this small world we live in.

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I noticed in my previous comment I misspelled the word "exquisite". Given your job at a newspaper, it was generous of you not to correct it. I do know better! In my defense, I misspell more words on my tablet...too tiny and finicky!
About dishes: I find, for the most part, doing dishes, a rather Zen like experience, especially when my five year old granddaughter(quite an intense, active kid!) is visiting. When I need a breath, I head for the sink!:)

Lori, I correct enough typos at work. I'm on holidays!
I mess up a lot when txting. To hell with it.


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