Friday, January 2, 2015

Neil & Rose Stop In

Is it a natural thing to reach the age of 55 and start thinking about what’s going to happen to all your stuff after you die? Who will be stuck with disposing of it?

Lately I have these concerns about all the family photo albums that are in my care, and about all the old dishes and other heirloom-type things I have.

My uncle Neil suggests scanning all the photos and burning them to CD so everyone can have a copy. That’s a great idea; finding time to do it or working it into the routine is the challenge.

As for the old dishes and other things, I always think that the reason I am lucky enough to have them is that no one else particularly wanted them. Maybe that’s not true. Or maybe it was but things could change. People do value things differently as they mature, and maybe what they didn’t want 10 years ago, they’d like to have now. 

I hope that’s the case, so that there will always be someone to care for these things, know where or who they came from, and appreciate the treasure that they are.

Emil with my uncle and aunt, Neil and Rose, who stopped in one afternoon and had coffee with us. Emil insists we have not seen them since May 31, which seems ridiculous. They live less than a half-hour away. 
And he is correct, as a quick peek into the journal archive shows.
And yes indeedy, Emil knows his dates:
We stopped at KYLEMORE on our way to Margo.
And Rose is correct, too— "You got pictures, didn't you?"