Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Storm

The only snow left last week was on the north side of treelines.

After a storm blew up last night, there is more snow in the yard than there's been all winter.

The geese seemed to carry on as usual, taking it all in stride.

This snowdrift in front of the house contains a glacier-blue cave.

The electricity went off before I got out of bed this morning, though Scott had time to drink a pot of coffee. A power pole had been knocked down, in the bush somewhere, and because the snow was so deep and wet it was difficult for the workers to get to it. It's been back on for an hour now; maybe it's a bit late in the day to be drinking coffee, but I might brew up a couple cups anyway.

The sky's blue again. It's been a lazy day; lots of sleeping and reading. Was tempted to complain helplessly, but Emil did it for us; his expected routine was altered and he was most unhappy about that. Especially since his dad was going to drive out from Edmonton today and, due to the local roads and poor visibility, did not. Scott wasn't able to get out of the yard with the half-ton; his brother had to drive over with a tractor and pick him up so they could put bedding straw out for the cattle.

I'm being called to the phone. Au revoir ....

Virginia Woolf:
His fat pink body always seems to me boneless & hairless like that of a gigantic child; & his mind is the same. But there is a charm about him."