Friday, August 1, 2014

Barrel twins reach destination

to shelly:
subject: finally got my barrell in half

with the bands to hold them together
and the drainage holes in the bottoms
next: as soon as the plywood is under so that they can be mowed around, to make scott happy,
i have a pail of broken concrete to put into each one for help with drainage
then: black dirt into wheelbarrow
and: good to go for next spring, I guess!
there is one on each side of the big perennial bed in the front yard.

to kathy:

For drainage and lightness, I have taken to putting empty cans and plastic bottles in the bottom of pots, less dirt required and depending on the pot.....easier to move about!

Its the long weekend upon us....
Huge thunder lightning and heavy rainfall happened about 2 hrs's blue skies. Such strange weather.

Found a lake lot I hope to go see this weekend, said its a 5 min walk to the lake (Hanmore) would like to see what that would be all about.....cause I want lake front.

to shelly:


Yes it's a bit far for a girl from edmonton to travel, but if the price is right ... OK I admit it, I'm dreaming.
The barrell came home with me two years ago from shelly's brother's, and needed some work, but thanks to my scottie i now have two large planters, woo hoo!

The recipe at Stubblejumpers Café today is a homemade tick repellent for pets: CLICK HERE.