Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Shelly Comes Calling

Out come the Christmas decorations! Christmas carols on the radio!

And what a nice visit we had. We didn't go anywhere but to town to see Emil and Everett. I put the brakes on for some of Shelly's schemes (Let's clean the porch. No!), and she lit a fire under my ass for doing a few things (Let's start decorating for Christmas. Okay!).

We chewed celery and sipped on vodka caesars one evening. Shelly's internet at home is expensive while here it's pretty much unlimited, so she indulged her addiction to Pinterest.  Lots of great arts and craft ideas there, to be sure.

Between the two of us, the dishes were handled (four hands, light work). Yippee!

Shelly's hands were free when she wasn't working on her fabric project, making Christmas decorations or doing a crossword, so I unfolded my quilt and got out the sewing kit and she was content for many hours and so was I; help was here.

Emil at his new job, sanding recycled flooring to make art.

Organize handwritten recipe cards in a digital format and have them made into fabric for dishtowels. Shelly plans to make aprons with copies of recipes written out by her sister, nieces, daughters, herself, and friends.

It's our jaws that should be tired, as there weren't too many hours when we weren't talking. But I am tired tonight. Shelly left for Edmonton this morning when I left for the office in town, and I've been yawning for hours. It's been late nights and lovely sleep-ins though; no complaining here.

'Bless her heart' is all I can say.