Saturday, September 26, 2015

One Evening After Work

There are days when it's a challenge to come up with a snapshot to post with an entry here. Then there are days when I have too many, but want to post them before the weather and landscape have changed and my snaps are "old news."
heading south again
a glance back

and down the road i go

cattails where there used to be grass in the ditch
surprising how just a slightly different angle changes the light

through the grassy backyard driveway i glimpse at a distance the little herd that has spent the summer at our place

one of the oat fields waiting to be swathed

How do you like my tattoo?

Gave it to myself while wrestling a heavy pan of lasagne out of the oven last weekend.

Wearing my favourite shirt, which came from the new secondhand store in town.
It's another incredibly perfect fall day here, and it's almost noon as I go to post this, and well past time to throw on some clothing and get out for a walk. Wish you were here!


Alison lives a block from the office, and her cats — from one to three of the permanent residents, on any given workday — follow her to and from the Wadena News building.

Taken through rearview mirror; I'm leaving for the day and Alison turns to encourage Jackson and Viggi to keep up to her.