Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weeping Tile

The next step in the problem-solving for this disaster we call a house: the front step is moved away so the big machine can dig all around the foundation today. Weeping tile will then be laid in, and rock.

My part? Making lunch for several men, and then supper. Right now I'm trying not to think about all the dishes. Or I could always go out there and wield a shovel with the rest of 'em. Think I'm better off staying in the kitchen; at least I won't get a migraine from that.

It's the second beautiful day in a row ... and I mean beautiful. Like, no wind, and warm. Hard-to-stay-in-the-house beautiful.

Scott is on the run. He's supervising the work outside, fielding calls from buyers interested in the grain in the bins, and then as always there are clients calling with requests for him to go do estimates for construction work, or wondering when he will get to their place or get their jobs done, and so on. I would be stressed to the max if I was in his shoes.

Perhaps he is stressed to the max. He woke me up last night, screaming with pain, when a charley horse knotted up his leg. Oy.

Off I go to wash lovely potatoes from family friend Sylvia's garden. Thank goodness people always plant too much! My sister Karen has a big box of roma tomatoes for me, so Scott will have his winter supply of homemade salsa after all. His sister gave us a bag of green peppers. We've been given zucchini and beets and carrots. See? I don't need to plant veggies. People are generous and we are very grateful.

Note to Aunt Reta: 
Received your card and cheque for flowers, thank you kindly. Will try to keep the blog up better, knowing that you are checking for new entries every day.