Thursday, September 10, 2015

Done and Dusted

Scott, who was in Calgary two days before I got there, was put to work helping with preparations. From the farm he'd hauled old doors to build a backdrop for the ceremony and "photo booth." When his brother and I arrived in the city about 10:30 Friday night and finally found his nephew's, Scott was already sound asleep. He was gone in the morning before I got out of bed.

The day of the wedding was cold and rainy. A fleet of vintage cars was to take the bride, groom, and their respective entourages to the hall where the event took place.

The ceremony was short and sweet — no preaching, sermonizing, etc. — which is a part I particularly abhor during a wedding or any other function. It's why I don't go to church if it can be avoided.

Mr and Ms after their wedding vows

I got a daughter out of this deal! That's the best part.

We spent the next afternoon cleaning the hall, and then went to spend a couple nights at their place before they leave on their honeymoon. We were all pretty bedraggled (actually we weren't pretty; just bedraggled).

Tuesday morning dawned cool and sunny, and after a good breakfast we hit the road for home.