Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Poor Drowning Trees

You may recall last October when we came home from a drive out to Kelowna and I was disturbed to find the trees lining the west side of the road where I walk had been knocked down and scraped away.

Well, here is what's happening to the trees that remain on the east side of the road, where the land belongs to Scott's family (big supporters of trees; only one of the things I like about them). The trees are drowning. That's water you see lying in the ditch.

All around us are trees drowning from the excessive runoff we've had this spring, and last year too. We have already lost a number of trees in the bush between our yard and the road; last summer, ducks nested in the middle of them.

I look at this with some sadness, and comfort myself with the thought that Nature Knows What It's Doing. Hope it's true.

Saw a moose on Sunday's walk.