Friday, August 15, 2014

Poppy City

I've never met a poppy I didn't like.
In my yard they are welcome wherever they volunteer themselves, just like violas, which I have learned to respect and leave be.
This year I have backed off my flowerbeds, letting them have their way (just to see what they'll do), being a slacker when it comes to weeding and deadheading. And I never, hard as I try, do enough staking for this fricking windy yard.
Yet these colourful plants give me so much pleasure. In the mornings I literally say a regretful goodbye to them before leaving for work. I'm serious!

It's been such a hot day that it's 76F in the house and that's still cooler than it is outside, now, at 10:30, so we will leave the windows closed a while yet.

It's really summer, I figure, when windows can be wide open all night. Love it.