Friday, October 9, 2015

Breathe It In

Winter is coming on, and it's dark by seven o'clock, so I texted Everett on Wednesday.

"TV night tomorrow?"

He was game, so after work yesterday I went over, not sure whether we'd be watching Torchwood or Doctor Who, and not really caring. It's all about spending time with my boy, and doesn't matter to me what we do, although he'd probably prefer to play a videogame and, as much as he's tried to interest me in a couple, I find myself bored silly.

Perhaps, he insists, we just haven't found the right ones for me.

 Walking south toward the corner

A "nice" weekend is forecast, so the boys hope the crops dry up enough that they can get back onto the combines. I plan to do some pruning in the flowerbed, now that there's been a hard frost and most things have stopped blooming. There was still a lone daisy out there, and roses! How do they do it after such cold? Tough buggers.

The corner where I'll turn back. This road runs east-west and is too busy for nice walks.
These are perfect days for walking.

And back home again I'll go.