Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weekends are a Different Story

New bull (far left) and girlfriends eyeball the dogs

New bull leads the herd of heifers

You can say Saskatchewan has no hills, but I know better.

Rest stop on last night's walk
The new routine is only for weekdays. On weekends I shall follow my nose to my heart's content and try to catch up on my online activities.

We've got a hot sunny day out there and I intend to bask.

Also, the darjeeling tea is apparently not to blame for Thursday night's insomnia. Last night was no different. I know I was still awake at 3 because that's when I felt hungry. It's always been that way, since my party-till-dawn days. If it's 3 a.m., I'm hungry. If I find myself cold, sure enough it's 5 a.m. Didn't make it quite that far this time so am more rested today.

Scott has just come in from doing something with cattle and I am not sure I can believe my ears, but I think I heard him say something about taking the rest of the day off to do absolutely nothing, or maybe go somewhere. What????!!!!

He is also wondering if I should go to the doctor again, as I still have a nasty cough. I think it will pass; just gotta be patient. The post-nasal drip after a head cold can last a while. But he will nag me if it becomes necessary; I can count on that.

Yesterday I sat in the van as a young fella put gas in the tank, and a friend walked up and, looking concerned, exclaimed, "You have gotten awfully thin!" I have lost a few pounds in recent months, just from cutting back on bread and toast, I think. And a few pounds either way always shows, on me. When I got home I texted Karen (sister): "I'm not TOO thin, am I?" She assures me I look perfectly healthy. My favourite pair of blue pedal-pushers (showing my age here, aren't I?) are hanging off me, though, which is disappointing.  The one drawback to being skinnyish.


Maybe you'd like to check out my uncle's new blog? Random Thoughts from a Rocking Chair.  And do leave him a comment if you do; all new bloggers need encouragement to continue. He is posting a bit of everyday stuff along with excerpts from the first draft of his memoir. This way he can post what he likes, while I cut and slash ruthlessly from the original and hope he will still be speaking to me when all is said and done. Editing: a dirty job but somebody has to do it.