Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rosie and the Riveters

Great concert in Wadena last night. Four-part harmonies; what's not to love. Talented women, these.

There is always a break halfway through, where squares and coffee, tea and juice are served. This is the band's opportunity to sell some of their CDs, and of course everyone snacks and chats.

Seated at a long table in the church basement, next to the young lady on the far right, I was sipping tea and nibbling on a butter tart when someone brought over her CD for an autograph. When she opened it up for signing I noticed the singer's full name inside. "You're Alexis Normand?" I said. "I heard you on CBC radio not long ago and thought 'I've got to get her CD.' I even sat bolt upright to write your name down so I wouldn't forget. I'll take one of those!"

Quel surprise.

Beside her is Melissa Nygren, whose mom Shirley was raised on a farm near Wadena. Shirley is the cousin of a gal my age (Cindy T.) who was our neighbour on the farm, so we knew each other as teenagers. I haven't seen her forever, but she's become an accomplished artist and lives in Saskatoon, where Rosie and the Riveters drove out from.

Farideh, with the guitar, was in the One Human Family Gospel Workshop with me last fall. And the lady beside her hails originally from Australia, but found the 100% humidity where she lived too much to bear because it kept her indoors in the air conditioning all the time.

Their website is HERE, where you will find a link that allows you to listen to their music.