Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Comings and Goings

Had to chauffeur Emil from his place to Everett's on Saturday after Everett got home from work.
And then back to town Sunday evening to take Emil home again.
Dad arrived from B.C. and has been here a couple times.
The first time, we had grilled cheese sandwiches and white wine.

After Dad. He gave me his laptop.
Then Doc showed up yesterday afternoon so we spent the day chitchatting at the kitchen table, and after supper Bev came out. She's in town helping her mom get moved to a seniors' residence.

Doc and Bev
Then my hairdresser is heading out on holidays so, unless I want to have very big hair by the time she gets home, I've gotta be in town in an hour for a cut.

Never a dull moment.

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Empathy for you both....still on the lookout for a couch my mom liked at LaZboy.

I can relate. I watched a re-run of Last Tango in Halifax last night and wondered what Mom would think of the show, since one of its characters was also a regular on Coronation Street back in the day when I used to watch it with her.

Time does get away from us. Journalling is a good thing for the most part. 
Thanks for your comment. Daughter is feeling somewhat better. Waiting to see her specialist. Think it is all stress related. 

Glad she's okay. 

Not quite ready to publish my own boring life journal I've kept. But I do publish another family member's daily journal of farm life through the 1930s to early seventies in "Nevardblog". Its been a good way to spread a little family history on the net. 

Boring lives aren't boring! Whaddaya mean?