Sunday, October 16, 2016

Heavenly Moments

Emil is here this weekend and we have been sleeping beauties both mornings, in spite of our best intentions: to get up earlier so we have time to go somewhere in the afternoon without leaving it too late. But here it is, almost 12:30, and he's just having his morning bath and has yet to dress and eat. I'm no further ahead, still lounging around in my housecoat, reading, popping green grapes into my mouth like appetizers; I, too, need a proper breakfast/brunch/lunch/whatever. Scott's been gone nearly an hour, meaning to move cattle from one place to another, I believe he said, before taking the rest of the day off.

It's brrrrrrrcold. Already I wear a tuque to go out in the yard, and leggings under my jeans. All my flower garden chores aren't done.

Even with the weather disappointing, there are many walks overflowing with simple beauty.

The snow is slowly going, but we've begun to wonder if this is it for fall—if winter has arrived.
I walk down the road, thanking my lucky stars that I'm here.

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Anonymous on "Water Report": 
He's a tight arsed bastard isn't he. Alex. 

Ha! Frugal, Alex -- FRUgal! "Waste not, want not."