Saturday, April 14, 2012

Karen's New Pad

My little sister Karen welcomes us to her new home.

She's still trying to decide what to buy for living room furniture. The front window overlooks Margo Lake. (She and her husband have developed their lakefront property into lots that are for sale, if you're looking ....)

The loft has a tin ceiling.

Dad's girlfriend Grace made a special piece of glass for the staircase wall.

I'm getting a tour because last time I was here the house wasn't finished; this is the upstairs bathroom.
Karen calls this her "antiques" room. Let me tell you, even when you're expecting the volume, that bell still shocks when it's rung even once. It's an old churchbell.

I made her play me a tune on the organ that belonged to our great-grandmother. Guess what she played? The theme to the modern Titanic movie. Fitting for today ... in case anyone the world over doesn't know it's the 100th anniversary of the great sinking. Sure I sang; but I don't know many of the words.

All my photos didn't turn out, so I'll take the camera out next time for pictures of the snazzy kitchen.
She was baking bread when we arrived, so the frozen loaf I took went into her freezer and we snacked on hot buttered bread and apple pudding.