Saturday, April 30, 2016

End of the Driveway This Evening

My camera has a shitty recording function. Besides picking up the barely there wind as if it's a 100km/h gale, the sound fades to nothing before coming back.
Better than nothing though!

You Don't Say

Emil applied to Camp Easter Seal's early August session and has been waiting anxiously since January to find out if his application is accepted.
This week an email came, saying that particular session is full but inviting him to a later one.
What would the travel days be? he was anxious to know. The calendar came off the shelf so we could see whether I'm working on the days he'll need rides there and back.
Turns out they're Wednesday and Friday, both working days for me, so other arrangements will have to be made.
The organization that employs and houses Emil also takes responsibility for this kind of transportation (he pays for the driver and the fuel), so they can be asked to put rides in place.


Each year the local credit union solicits photographs from its customers and turns a dozen of them into a calendar, which they distribute at the tellers' wickets. While flipping its pages these ducklings caught my eye — the motion, the looking-outward — it's perfect.

Click to enlarge.

Thou hast written ...
I reply ...

Maggie Turner on "Favourite Bloggers Reply": 
Since you introduced me to kitchenblogic and Kathy Kate, I have followed her blog on an RSS feed. I enjoy kitchenblogic because she speaks from the heart. I've hear the phrase "dance like nobody's watching", kitchenblogic "writes like nobody's reading", even though she knows they are. 

All that, plus she cracks me up!


Teresa on "Two Moose": 
Beautiful but scary beasts. 

I should be more scared. And I would be if I wasn't in my car or if I was walking and a moose came toward me instead of going the other way, as they always have.


Lorna on "Two Moose": 
They're sort of galumphy aren't they? 

Yep. They're quite the beasts. 


Wisewebwoman has left a new comment on your post "Two Moose": 
It's strange. I'd see so many and now? Not any. I would amuse myself by posting the numbers spotted throughout the year but nare a one for so long.

Strange is right. I thought Nfld was overrun with the big Ms!