Monday, May 26, 2014

Zen things

On Monday mornings I work from home for several hours, putting photos and text onto the newspaper’s webpage. Today my internet server decided to go offline after the first half-hour, so I’m doing other things:
• got the dishes washed, dried, put away - WOO to the HOO, I tell you
• got the three cast-iron frying pans seasoning for an hour on the stove
It’s raining, a soft cool pungent sprinkling that my flowers were hoping for.
Speaking of which, I gave in to the urge late yesterday afternoon and put my one trayful from the closest greenhouse into pots.

A Facebook connection posted the above list and I set it as my desktop, needing these reminders on a daily basis or else they just slip away and I go back to my habits.
I do many things at once, fitting smaller tasks inside the spaces of larger ones. I hurry through it all.
It’s been my way. My movements are efficient. I am putting together a jigsaw puzzle every time I do something.
This list reminds me that there is another way to go through life.