Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Morning

To fly or not to fly—that is the question
And this morning I am good as new again.
As a matter of fact, aside from it not being warm enough to sit on the step with my coffee, I've enjoyed my ideal morning: awake, propped up in bed, reading and drinking coffee before 8. Scott is still home, busy planning his day, having a bath, organizing his paperwork for taxes, doing his thing.
I’ve nowhere to go, and the sky is blue. I’ve taken four large strawberries out of the fridge to thaw for my breakfast smoothie. I’ve been reading Virginia Woolf’s diary from 1916. My hair needs washed; I’ll have a bath this morning before getting dressed. Yesterday was a write-off due to the neck thing, so I felt poorly in the morning, slept most of the afternoon, and didn’t go outside. Thus I must walk today.
Also I need to make up my mind when to go to Toronto so that airline tickets and rooms can be booked. I don’t want to go! But having the skills I'm learning there will pay off in future, so I must bite the bullet and do it. Also, there will be rewards: when I meet up with new friends made over the internet.
Think I’ll make a marinated macaroni salad today. Just gotta find an hour to do it.
Sometimes Scott has been getting up and drying dishes lately as I wash. It’s lovely; hope it continues. It’s a tiny treat to do something together for a few minutes in a day, even if it’s only working in the kitchen. Other things we do together I shan't write about.