Thursday, February 14, 2013

Early Bird Gets Worm

Breaking trail

A rare day when the wind has blown snow enough — or no vehicle has yet driven down our road (there are only two households living on it) — that there are no other tracks but ours.

Some interesting programs on the Sundance Channel have kept me up later than usual tonight. A documentary about writer Christopher Isherwood and his partner and junior by 30 years, painter Don Bachardy. And a documentary about Rothschild heiress Nica and her long friendship with musician Thelonious Monk. I don't care for the style of jazz they loved, but as always I am interested in the human stories.

Then I had some last-minute work come in and since it's time-sensitive and I'll be away a good part of tomorrow, I've stood here for the past 15 minutes to get it done.

How will I ever become an early riser if I don't start getting to bed by 9?

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