Friday, February 26, 2016

This LadyHeads for Her Pillow

We're out of the office early tonight; five o'clock, for me.
The streets are wet and crunchy with slush, ice and water. I bundle up and walk over to Everett's to get Little Green where I left her this morning. Everett is already in his housecoat.
I drive over to Emil's place. He meets me at the door and gets ready in record time.
I have to stop for a few things at the store and convince him to wait in the car. It's just easier that way when I'm hoping for a quick trip in and out.
When we arrive home I drive Little Green right up to the step and make four trips between car and house, hauling in my purse and some fresh farm eggs and a bag of buns I had in the fridge at the office for lunches, and Emil's backpack and the sack that carries his braces and indoor shoes, and three 10-litre jugs of drinking water, and two cloth shopping bags full of groceries. 
Then I back Little Green out to the parking area and, on my way back to the house, detour past the oaks to refill the feeders for the chickadees and redpolls. There's still a little light left and they may nibble a while yet.

Emil, with genuine enthusiasm and pride, followed by curiosity:
I like my new job, sanding. We have a store at Mallard Industries now. Do you ever go shopping there, Mom?

Me, as if a light's just come on:
Why no, I haven’t! I guess I could though, eh?

Emil, Most Matter-of-Fact Guy Ever:
That’s what stores are for.